Literary Nonfiction

Criticism & Reviews

“Bodies Of,” review of Kirsten Kaschock, Daniel Borzutzky, and Kazim Ali | West Branch | Fall 2018

“Undoing a Long Erasure,” review of New Collected Poems by Marianne Moore, edited by Heather Cass White | Boston Review | Feb. 2018

“Some Habits of Syntax,” review of Robyn Schiff, Geoffrey Nutter, Anne Carson, and Fiona Sze-Lorrain | West Branch | Spring/Summer 2017

Cloud 9 by Jesse Nathan | Poetry International Online | April 2016

“The Ironies of Embodiment,“ review of Frank Bidart’s “Fourth Hour of the Night” | Boston Review | Aug. 2015

Prairies of Air: Brian Teare’s Companion Grasses| Boston Review | May/June 2014